Back in 2007, The Roots embarked on one of their most ambitious (and amazing) tours as they hosted the first ever VH1 Hip Hop Honors tour.  Joined by legends MC Lyte and Bid Daddy Kane, The Roots crafted one hell of a setlist, paying homage to classic hip-hop.  In fact, this tour was the first and only time The Roots rocked an entire 2.5 hour set without performing a single Roots song (this night happened to be one of the few exceptions from the tour as they performed Proceed and Clones, with a rare guest spot from Malik B).  There are way too many highlights from the show to list them all, but a definite “oh shit!” moment was Black Thought flawlessly impersonating everyone in the Wu Tang Clan on Protect Ya Neck.  This tour was also the unleashing of Black Thought’s epic cover of Men @ Work, which is breath control at its finest.  The setlist speaks for itself, so check it out below and enjoy our exclusive recording of the entire 2.5 hour concert below- this one is not to be missed!

  1. Here We Go
  2. Gangsta Gangsta
  3. Fuck The Police
  4. So Whatcha Sayin
  5. Rhyme Goes On
  6. Microphone Fiend
  7. Roxanne
  8. Got It Like That
  9. Just To Get A Rep
  10. Funky For You
  11. MC Lyte Intro
  12. Self Destruction (ft. MC Lyte)
  13. Cha Cha Cha (ft. MC Lyte)
  14. Stop, Look Listen (ft. MC Lyte)
  15. Lyte As A Rock (ft. MC Lyte)
  16. Acapella (ft. MC Lyte)
  17. Roughneck (ft. MC Lyte)
  18. Poor Georgie (ft. MC Lyte)
  19. Skillz Intro
  20. The Nod Factor (ft. Skillz)
  21. Crazy World (ft. Skillz)
  22. It Aint Hard To Tell
  23. I Got It Made
  24. Protect Ya Neck
  25. Lookin At The Front Door
  26. Men @ Work
  27. Big Daddy Kane Intro
  28. Set It Off (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  29. Warm It Up, Kane (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  30. I Get The Job Done (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  31. Smooth Operator (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  32. A Moment of Noise Tribute (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  33. Raw (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  34. DJ Questlove Honors Rashad “Tumblin Dice” Smith
  35. Skillz Freestyle
  36. Top Billing (ft. MC Lyte)
  37. Sam (ft. MC Lyte)
  38. Cold Rock A Party (ft. MC Lyte)
  39. Paper Thin (ft. MC Lyte)
  40. R.I.P. Jay Dee
  41. Proceed
  42. Clones (ft. Dice Raw, Truck North, Malik B)
  43. Wrath of Kane (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  44. Ain’t No Half Steppin (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  45. Rhymin With Biz (ft. Big Daddy Kane)
  46. The Symphony (ft. Craig G, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte)
  47. BONUS:  Call Me D-Nice (ft. D-Nice)


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2 Responses to “The Roots (ft. Big Daddy Kane & MC Lyte) – VH1 Hip Hop Honors Tour @ Nokia Theatre, NYC 10-5-07 (Full Set Download)”
  1. Funk It says:

    2nd best tour they ever did, right behind the March 2007 tour with Brass Heaven. I’m glad the public is finally getting to hear this one.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I agree as far as tours go – hope you’ll share a show from the Brass Heaven tour sometime!

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